Life’s a Beach: Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil: Why I love this stuff!

Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil: Why I love this stuff!

Source: Life’s a Beach: Earthly Body’s Miracle Oil: Why I love this stuff!


First off, I wanna say that the right oils can be and are good for your skin. They help lock in moisture, keep your skin’s elasticity and protect it from further damage, and have many other great benefits. Using an oil blend can give you many great results for your skin, too but they can be harder to find and can get kinda expensive if you want to make them on your own. I also wrote about this oil in a previous post about my must haves to cure those smaller problem areas.


I first came across Earthly Body Miracle Oil from work. It was placed in the section where all the nail treatments are, and it’s dark bottle and simple labeling caught my eye. As I read the ingredients I was so excited and pleased to see that not only do we carry such a natural, organic product but that it has so many uses. I immediately went to the website to read reviews on this product. I love reading reviews before I buy anything just to see what people have to say about something and how others use it.

As you can see, the ingredients are simple: Avocado, hemp seed, castor, soy bean, tea tree, jojoba, rosemary and eucalyptus oils are what make up this miracle oil. I would go into a lot of detail about what each oil does but here’s the important facts to sum it up: Your carrier oils (avocado, hemp, jojoba, soy and castor) help keep your skin soft without clogging your pores. Yes, oil is actually really good to put on your skin! And these are the safest for majority of skin types. The tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus oils are antimicrobial and anti fungal essential oils, to help with irritation and prevent infection (ingrown hairs) from shaving or from cuts and minor scrapes.

For some reason the main intention (or so what I read) was to use this as a soothing oil for razor burn. Anyway, that didn’t bother me because that was what I needed it for. During the summer, I was of course keeping my bikini area tidy and needed something to help with razor bumps. So after my shower, I applied a couple of drops to my fingers and rubbed them around my bikini area. I also decided to apply it to my underarms because I can get razor burn there, too.

The smell is strong because of the tea tree oil and rosemary but I love that earthy, almost spicy scent. Anyway, I have been using it like this (applying to the sensitive areas after shaving) for about two or three months and have not had any razor burn or irritation whatsoever. My underarms feel so smooth and soft and aren’t even irritated if I dry shave them because I always put this oil blend on afterwards. It really is a miracle!

I recently read more reviews about this product and a lot of people use it as a facial oil. I have only tried this once and it felt too oily for me (my skin is super oily/combination), so if you have super dry or mature, aging skin, definitely try it out on your face, too. I would probably use it at night first to see how it absorbs into your skin instead of in the morning. Only because if you don’t like it you can always just take it off as opposed to the morning when our time is limited to getting ready.

I also have been using this oil on my cuticles because they can get super dry and they crack and peel. I guess this is why I found this bottle in the nail isle at work! My cuticles are healed and are very soft the next day. It also absorbs pretty quickly into my cuticles, and I only need a drop or two for both hands. So this stuff will last you a very long time.

When it starts to get colder, I plan on using this oil on my joints as well as my feet because I tend to neglect them and hate when they start to crack. Every now and then I put a couple of drops in my palm and rub my hands together, instead of a hand cream before bed. This oil really has so many great uses, from the ones I mentioned above to using it for hair and scalp remedies, applying to lotions and creams, the possibilities are basically endless with this oil.

If you plan on using this oil for any of the treatments I listed above, please remember this oil is very well…oily, so start out using a couple drops on the desired area and if you feel you need more, then apply one drop at a time to your finger or palm. Most of the time, two drops is all you need. for bigger areas (ex. scalp) four to five drops will work. Just remember, a little goes a long way with this oil. It helps to experiment (like I have) with this oil to find out what works best for you. I know from now on this is my remedy/must have to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs and for cuticles. I hope you try this oil and see amazing results just like I have.

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