How To Order 如何訂購


China CItic Bank (International)

Account Name: Grateful Life Company
Bank Code: 018
Account no.: 727-1-15909600

Cheque Payment

For cheque payments, please make crossed cheques payable to “GRATEFUL LIFE COMPANY

Mail To:

Room 906, 9/F, Office Tower 2, Grand Tower,
625 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon

A) Placing an order

  1. Add quantity
  2. Add To Basket
  3. Click CHECKOUT
place order


  • First name
  • Last name (surname)
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Country

If you have never ordered from us before, please enter the following fields to create your account.  If you’re a returning customer, please login at the top of the page before proceeding.

  • Account username
  • Account password
Shipping details


If you wish to have your order delivered to you, you must complete this section.

  • First Name
  • Last Name (surname)

If you’re sending your order as a gift to another person, you may fill that person’s name in above fields. Otherwise, fill in the name as that of billing details.

For any additional info, please fill in Order Notes.

D ) Shipping Options

(A) Hong Kong Post 本地平郵

(B) MTR Collection 港鐵交收

(C) SF-Express Collection Point 順豐自取點
*Must specify the Store Code (as explained in section E below)

(D) Commercial Address Delivery (SF-Express) 工商地區速遞

(E) Residential Address Delivery (SF-Express) 住宅地區速遞
*Please note an additional $20 is chargeable for residential address delivery

sf 7-Eleven Circle K

Please enter the following required details if you choose:

(A) Hong Kong Post 本地平郵
Required details 所需資料: (1) Recipient full name 收件人名稱 and (2) Full address 送貨地址
*Please only choose Hong Kong Post if you are ordering condoms under HK$300 寄本地平郵只限購買300元以下安全套

(B) MTR Collection 港鐵交收 MTR Station and time need to be confirmed by mutual parties 地點及時間需與客商議

(C) SF-Express Collection Point 順豐自取點
Required details 所需資料: Store Code 自取點編號 eg. 852M1006
*For more details, please refer to How To Order guide

(D) Commercial Address Delivery (SF-Express) 工商地區速遞
Required details 所需資料: (1) Recipient full name 收件人名稱 and (2) Full address 送貨地址

(E) Residential Address Delivery (SF-Express) 住宅地區速遞
Required details 所需資料: (1) Recipient full name 收件人名稱 and (2) Full address 送貨地址
*Please note an additional $20 is chargeable for residential address delivery

E ) SF-Express Collection Points – Store Codes

You may choose to collect your order from one of the collection points by specifying the SF-Express Store Codes obtained from below link:

Click here: SF-Express Service Centre Locations

1. 7-Eleven Convenience Stores
2. Circle K Convenience Stores
3. Shell Stations
4. Small-sized Chain Stores & Individual Stores
5. China Resources Vanguard

Example: If you would like to collect your order from 7-Eleven convenience store at Shop 7, G/F, Fairview Height, 1 Seymour Road, Sheung Wan, HK, you must specify the Store Code 852M1006.

1. 7-11便利店
2. OK便利店
3. Shell油站
5. 華潤集團

Click here 順豐速運服務中心地址

sf-express collection point


零尷尬, 出貨包裝無貨品標示/網址/公司名Adults HK, 保障私隱

1. 先以不透光包裝紙包好貨品。

2. 按出貨需要再入信封,氣珠紙袋,手挽紙袋或紙盒。

3. 速遞單上,貨品定性標示為 “Toy”,客人亦可另選 “電腦配件”/電子用品” ,而公司名為 “Grateful Life Company”。


1. 銀行轉帳 :  請在入數紙寫上訂單編號, 然後電郵 / Whatsapp 5402 5307  入數紙給我們。

Bank Name: Bank Code Account No. Account Name:
中信銀行 018 727-1-15909-6-00 Grateful Life Company
恆生銀行 024 *Please ask for details  
匯豐銀行 004 *Please ask for details  

2. PayPal / Visa or Master by PayPal

信用咭帳單中,只會顯示為” Grateful Life Company “

香港 / 澳門 送貨服務  (中國 / 海外送貨請與我們聯絡 )

送貨方法 運費 大約需時 送件時間  
見面交收 $30如購物滿300或以上免費 香港港鐵可即日收貨 與客商議  
本地平郵 如購散裝安全套免費 1至5個工作天 星期一至五 9:00-17:00, 星期六 9:00-13:00  
順豐速遞 $30如購物滿300或以上免費[只包工商地區] 1至2個工作天 星期一至五 9:00-18:00, 星期六 9:00-13:00 如寄住宅或香港偏遠地區所產生之附加費,客人請向順豐支付。
順豐站* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 1至2個工作天 於其營業時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界
順便智能櫃* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 1至2個工作天 於其開放時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界/離島
7-11* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 1至3個工作天 於其營業時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界/離島/澳門
OK 便利店* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 2至5個工作天 於其營業時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界/離島/澳門
華潤集團:VanGo便利店/U購* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 1至3個工作天 於其營業時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界
小型連鎖及個體商店* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 1至3個工作天 於其營業時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界/離島
Shell油站* $30如購物滿300或以上免費 1至3個工作天 於其營業時段內自取 香港島/九龍/新界


*當貨物到達自取點時,順豐會發「領取編號」短訊至閣下手機,客人必須於3天內 (收到短訊當天也算一天)帶同SMS短訊到所選的順豐站/便利店/商店/油站取貨即可。